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Jun 01

What Should We Eat?

I was listening to a BBC news story the other night about the confusion surrounding which diet is the best. What should we eat? It’s a burning question that haunts researchers and consumers alike. Based on the number of contradictory and debatable study results, diet books, and nutrition programs available, it’s easy to understand why …

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Apr 27

Meet Your Mushrooms

I have always been a fan of mushrooms, especially portobellos. These “meaty” fungi are fantastic grilled with garlic or stuffed with veggies. As a vegan, I find them to be a delicious and easy menu option, especially when I eat out. Despite my fondness for these big mushrooms, I never knew until a few years …

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Apr 12

Celebrate Dandelions

I can’t help it; every spring I await the arrival of the dandelions (Taraxacum officinale). Perhaps it’s my Italian background. My grandfather would gather the flowers and make dandelion wine while my grandmother would carefully batter the blossoms. Unfortunately, my grandfather never shared the fruits of his labor with me (I was too young at …

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Jan 25

Beets for High Blood Pressure

I don’t have high blood pressure, but if I did, beet juice could very likely be on my menu, along with a few other foods shown to help fight hypertension. Why beets for high blood pressure? A fair number of scientific studies that have evaluated the use of beets (or beetroot, as it is often …

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Jan 12

Spaghetti Squash for Beginners

I am no fan of the cold winter months, but one thing I am grateful for is the wide selection of colorful winter squash. Although I like them all to varying degrees, spaghetti squash (Cucurbita pepo var. fastigata) is one that stands out because it has the unique quality associated with its name and so …

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