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Apr 20

Loneliness in the Modern World

How often have you felt lonely while in a crowd? Are you in a long-term relationship yet feel hollow and alone? Do you often feel like you’re drowning in an ocean of people yet there’s no one to rescue you? The late psychoanalyst Frieda Fromm-Reichmann, who was the inspiration behind the book I Never Promised …

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Mar 30

Stuttering and Life Lessons

One percent of the world’s population, or roughly 70 million people, live with a speech disorder called stuttering. Males are about four times more likely than females to have this condition. Stuttering has been around since ancient times; in fact, Moses and Aristotle were said to have this condition. Other people challenged by stuttering include …

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Feb 12

Boycott Valentine’s Day

I am a huge fan of love. I believe it is the essential, encompassing, core of our existence. Thich Nhat Hanh’s True Love is next to my bed and I find great wisdom and truth in his words every time I read them. That said, I also believe we should boycott Valentine’s Day. Origins of …

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Nov 18

Life, Relationships and Baggage

I was thinking about life, relationships and baggage the other day and realized how much they have in common. This isn’t an association I thought about when I was in my 20s or 30s or even 40s, but now that I am approaching my sixth decade, I find myself contemplating the structure, reliability, and essence …

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