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Feb 29

Do Unto Animals: Book Review

For those who are looking for a rational, thoughtful, endearing, and entertaining book about animal welfare and the animal kingdom—especially companion, farm, and urban wildlife animals—then Tracey Stewart’s Do Unto Animals is a must read. This book would be a great tool for teachers to use in their biology and science classrooms to introduce accurate …

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Nov 11

10 Tips To Avoid Catching Diseases from Pets

I’ve always considered my pets to be part of my family. Whether it was a parakeet, long-haired guinea pigs, turtles, fish, dwarf rabbits, or the multitude of cats and dogs that have shared my homes over the years, they brightened my life and hopefully I did the same for them. But just like kids, parents, …

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Jun 28

Cats as Pet Therapy

Cat parents don’t need a team of scientists and researchers to tell them our feline friends are good for our health. The value of cats as pet therapy is no secret to those of us who have experienced kitty cuddles or witnessed the joy a feline companion can bring to children, families, and especially the …

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Feb 22

14 Curious Cat Household Hazards

It’s no secret that cats are curious creatures. Unfortunately, they aren’t always cautious, which is why responsible pet parents need to recognize potential cat household hazards and take steps to avoid or eliminate them. Curious cat household hazards Plants. The list of plants that can cause health problems or be lethal to cats is long. …

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Oct 27

Dog Poop and Your Health

Depending on which authoritative source you believe, dog owners (I prefer the terms dog parent or pet parent) in America have 70 million dogs or 83 million dogs. The sources (American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Pet Products Association, respectively) may vary widely in statistical figures, but one thing remains the same: that’s a …

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