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Sep 25

Moving in Minimalist Style

I may have been born a minimalist. If there’s a minimalist gene, it is deeply embedded in my DNA. I don’t remember when I first became aware of the concept of “less is more”; all I know is I seemed to be cognizant at an early age that having lots of stuff was a burden. …

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Jul 20

Putting Pee To Work

My personal feelings about drinking beer—and I’m not alone on this—is that you rent it. It seems that within minutes of downing a cold frosty brew, I’m off and running for the ladies room. Men can experience the same phenomenon, yet their rental deposit can be made somewhat easier than can a female’s. This scenario …

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May 11

8 Cool Green Hotel Tips

I don’t stay in hotels very often but when I do, I turn on my green radar. Just because you are paying for a room is not, IMO, a good reason to be wasteful. In fact, practicing green hotel tips can be an educational experience not only for you, but for your kids as well, …

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Mar 02

5 Ways To Turn Your Life Around

Is your life going the way you want it to? If you are like me, you’ve woken up on many mornings with a lingering, haunting question in your mind about what you could do to turn your life around. Then you let yourself be caught up in the bustle and drama of your existence and …

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Feb 12

Boycott Valentine’s Day

I am a huge fan of love. I believe it is the essential, encompassing, core of our existence. Thich Nhat Hanh’s True Love is next to my bed and I find great wisdom and truth in his words every time I read them. That said, I also believe we should boycott Valentine’s Day. Origins of …

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