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Aug 23

18 Simple Lazy Ways to Look and Feel Fabulous

18 Simple Lazy Ways to Look and Feel Fabulous The road to better sex, a sharper memory, improved digestion, reduced stress, increased vitality, and more doesn’t have to be difficult at all. In fact, 18 Simple Lazy Ways to Look and Feel Fabulous proves it.   This book reveals the secrets of 18 tried-and-true ways …

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Aug 03

Life Changing Childhood Moment

A human interest story I heard recently on public radio prompted me to reflect on my childhood. This isn’t a memory exercise I engage in often; not because my childhood wasn’t pleasant but simply because I am not one to dwell much on the past. But the radio program immediately caused me to identify what …

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Dec 08

Magic of Music and Memory and Dementia

Several years ago I had an opportunity to witness the magic of music and memory and dementia when I was a hospice volunteer. I worked with a client who was largely uncommunicative but who came alive when he heard classical music. So I got a cassette player and made sure he had a supply of …

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Aug 25

Pomegranate and Alzheimer’s Disease

The relationship between pomegranate and Alzheimer’s disease, a hard-rind fruit and a thus-far incurable neurodegenerative disease, may be hard to fathom. But during a two-year project, scientists busted through that tough outer covering. They discovered that this not so pretty fruit harbors a beautiful surprise that may have a positive impact on the future of …

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Jun 16

4 Things To Know about Chewing Gum

The oldest piece of chewing gum is believed to be about 9,000 years old. It was composed of tree resin and not the gum base (rubber) and added softeners, flavorings, and sweeteners in today’s varieties. Knowing this trivia tidbit may be useful for game shows and board games. However, there are some other things to …

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