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Jul 28

6 Seaweed Secrets

Seaweed has always fascinated me. While other kids were screaming for their moms to get the icky, stringy stuff off their arms and legs at the beach, I was examining it up close, smelling it and collecting different samples to bring home so I could look them up in my encyclopedia. I wanted to discover …

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Jun 14

How Music Heals Your Heart

The other day I was thinking about one of Elton John’s songs, “sad songs say so much.” Music has a unique power to move us, especially in matters of the heart. But what about the power of music to heal the heart—not when it comes to love but medicine. The idea that music heals is …

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Dec 01

Herbs For Your Heart

I have long been interested in herbs for their medicinal value, from fighting the common cold and flu to boosting the immune system. Herbs for your heart are an especially fascinating and important topic that is often the subject of scientific research, while many people who are looking for alternative and complementary health solutions frequently …

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