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Jun 01

What Should We Eat?

I was listening to a BBC news story the other night about the confusion surrounding which diet is the best. What should we eat? It’s a burning question that haunts researchers and consumers alike. Based on the number of contradictory and debatable study results, diet books, and nutrition programs available, it’s easy to understand why …

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Mar 15

Gluten-Free Flour ABCs

Whether you have celiac disease or have chosen to avoid gluten, there is a great selection of gluten-free flour options available. Each of these alternatives to wheat flour and others that contain gluten have special characteristics that may make them more suitable for certain occasions and recipes but not others. For example, some gluten-free flour …

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May 27

Quinoa Is Good for Celiac

Quinoa is good for celiac, but it also is one of those foods that meets several essential requirements of  just about everyone, including today’s busy parents, career people, students, and anyone who doesn’t have the time or inclination to cook. If any of these categories apply to you, then it’s time you were introduced to …

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