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Aug 23

18 Simple Lazy Ways to Look and Feel Fabulous

18 Simple Lazy Ways to Look and Feel Fabulous The road to better sex, a sharper memory, improved digestion, reduced stress, increased vitality, and more doesn’t have to be difficult at all. In fact, 18 Simple Lazy Ways to Look and Feel Fabulous proves it.   This book reveals the secrets of 18 tried-and-true ways …

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Aug 21

How You Sleep Matters

Adults spend 25 to 33 percent—or more—of their life sleeping. That’s a fairly large chunk out of each day, but cutting back on sleep isn’t a great idea since it’s so critical to our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Sleep matters big time: we can’t live without it, and while we sleep the body and …

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Jul 11

Summer Pests Fun Facts

We share this planet with a multitude of tiny creatures who far outnumber us. This fact seems to be especially evident during the summer months. You might be familiar with these scenarios: dodging dive-bombing flies at the lake or beach, swatting mosquitoes at your backyard BBQ, or checking yourself and your kids for chiggers and …

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Jul 06

Berries for Brain Health

Brain health has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Frankly, anyone who has a brain should seriously contemplate this topic on occasion, IMO. After all, brain function tends to decline with advancing years, none of us are getting any younger! Part of the reason I set my neurons cells onto this path is …

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Jun 28

Cats as Pet Therapy

Cat parents don’t need a team of scientists and researchers to tell them our feline friends are good for our health. The value of cats as pet therapy is no secret to those of us who have experienced kitty cuddles or witnessed the joy a feline companion can bring to children, families, and especially the …

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