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Feb 29

Do Unto Animals: Book Review

For those who are looking for a rational, thoughtful, endearing, and entertaining book about animal welfare and the animal kingdom—especially companion, farm, and urban wildlife animals—then Tracey Stewart’s Do Unto Animals is a must read. This book would be a great tool for teachers to use in their biology and science classrooms to introduce accurate …

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Feb 03

Mining for Gold in Poop and E-Waste

Recently, the topic of mining for gold in poop and e-waste caught my eye. For those who have been following my posts, my finding interest in this idea should come as no surprise, as I frequently write about recycling and the environment, since helping to save our Planet Home is one of my passions. Whether …

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Oct 16

Styrofoam, Health and Worms

I’ve written previously about my disdain for plastic and the environmental and health dangers associated with it. I referred to my displeasure as a plastic plague. In that discussion I didn’t focus on any one type of plastic in particular, but this time I am—and the target is #6, specifically Styrofoam (aka, polystyrene). This form …

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Sep 06

Plastic Plague, Fight Back

I’m from a generation when a reference to plastic often brought to mind a moment from The Graduate (1967). In a scene from the movie, a young man (Benjamin) who is searching for his life’s work is being advised by a businessman that the future is in plastics. Fast forward to 2015, when we are …

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Aug 09

Power Walking, Not What You Think

Walking is my favorite mode of transportation. It used to be running, but my joints and I came to an agreement several years ago to transition from that abuse to something less jarring. I take at least one and often two walks a day, rain or shine. That brings me to the topic of power …

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