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Nov 11

10 Tips To Avoid Catching Diseases from Pets

I’ve always considered my pets to be part of my family. Whether it was a parakeet, long-haired guinea pigs, turtles, fish, dwarf rabbits, or the multitude of cats and dogs that have shared my homes over the years, they brightened my life and hopefully I did the same for them. But just like kids, parents, …

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Oct 27

Dog Poop and Your Health

Depending on which authoritative source you believe, dog owners (I prefer the terms dog parent or pet parent) in America have 70 million dogs or 83 million dogs. The sources (American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Pet Products Association, respectively) may vary widely in statistical figures, but one thing remains the same: that’s a …

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Oct 13

Doggie Dementia

Doggie dementia, also known as cognitive dysfunction syndrome, is a health challenge that confronts many dog parents. I witnessed doggie dementia for the first time with our 17-year-old dachshund Limo. Although he was deaf and had cataracts, he still retained his love of sniffing and hunting. At that stage of his life, however, his prey …

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Apr 21

Before You Get a Pet, Read This

Before You Get A Cat or Dog… When you decide to get a pet and introduce it into your home, it’s an exciting event, especially if there are children involved. Yet one thing I have observed during my years as a volunteer with animal rescue and welfare organizations is that too many people have unreasonable …

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