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Nov 28

Magic of Music and Alzheimer’s Disease

Previously I’ve written about the magic of music and Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, in which I revealed how exposing patients to music from their past has been successful in reaching them in ways not attainable with conventional medical methods. It’s been shown that quality of life can improve significantly with the simple …

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Jul 06

Berries for Brain Health

Brain health has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Frankly, anyone who has a brain should seriously contemplate this topic on occasion, IMO. After all, brain function tends to decline with advancing years, none of us are getting any younger! Part of the reason I set my neurons cells onto this path is …

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Feb 02

KISS Principle and Health

Ever since I read Walden as a young teen, I have been enamored with Thoreau’s basic principle of “simplicity, simplicity, simplicity” and with a minimalist lifestyle. The tentacles of that philosophy touch every part of my life, including health. I’ve written on health topics for several decades, and I especially enjoy when I see how …

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Dec 08

Magic of Music and Memory and Dementia

Several years ago I had an opportunity to witness the magic of music and memory and dementia when I was a hospice volunteer. I worked with a client who was largely uncommunicative but who came alive when he heard classical music. So I got a cassette player and made sure he had a supply of …

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Oct 13

Doggie Dementia

Doggie dementia, also known as cognitive dysfunction syndrome, is a health challenge that confronts many dog parents. I witnessed doggie dementia for the first time with our 17-year-old dachshund Limo. Although he was deaf and had cataracts, he still retained his love of sniffing and hunting. At that stage of his life, however, his prey …

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