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Nov 28

Magic of Music and Alzheimer’s Disease

Previously I’ve written about the magic of music and Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, in which I revealed how exposing patients to music from their past has been successful in reaching them in ways not attainable with conventional medical methods. It’s been shown that quality of life can improve significantly with the simple …

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Aug 21

How You Sleep Matters

Adults spend 25 to 33 percent—or more—of their life sleeping. That’s a fairly large chunk out of each day, but cutting back on sleep isn’t a great idea since it’s so critical to our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Sleep matters big time: we can’t live without it, and while we sleep the body and …

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Jul 06

Berries for Brain Health

Brain health has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Frankly, anyone who has a brain should seriously contemplate this topic on occasion, IMO. After all, brain function tends to decline with advancing years, none of us are getting any younger! Part of the reason I set my neurons cells onto this path is …

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Feb 09

Health Benefits of Beer?

Will drinking beer really do the body good? Although the brew is enjoyed around the world for its flavor and sociability factor, the media frequently reports on the health benefits of beer. Chances are you don’t think about this while you are downing the suds, but they are worth considering. At the very least, the …

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Dec 08

Magic of Music and Memory and Dementia

Several years ago I had an opportunity to witness the magic of music and memory and dementia when I was a hospice volunteer. I worked with a client who was largely uncommunicative but who came alive when he heard classical music. So I got a cassette player and made sure he had a supply of …

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