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Aug 09

Power Walking, Not What You Think

Walking is my favorite mode of transportation. It used to be running, but my joints and I came to an agreement several years ago to transition from that abuse to something less jarring. I take at least one and often two walks a day, rain or shine. That brings me to the topic of power …

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Jul 28

6 Seaweed Secrets

Seaweed has always fascinated me. While other kids were screaming for their moms to get the icky, stringy stuff off their arms and legs at the beach, I was examining it up close, smelling it and collecting different samples to bring home so I could look them up in my encyclopedia. I wanted to discover …

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Jul 11

Summer Pests Fun Facts

We share this planet with a multitude of tiny creatures who far outnumber us. This fact seems to be especially evident during the summer months. You might be familiar with these scenarios: dodging dive-bombing flies at the lake or beach, swatting mosquitoes at your backyard BBQ, or checking yourself and your kids for chiggers and …

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Jun 28

Cats as Pet Therapy

Cat parents don’t need a team of scientists and researchers to tell them our feline friends are good for our health. The value of cats as pet therapy is no secret to those of us who have experienced kitty cuddles or witnessed the joy a feline companion can bring to children, families, and especially the …

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Jun 22

Fake Meat and Real Change

As a vegan for more than three decades, I have lived through the many attempts by food manufacturers to “perfect” fake meat via the veggie burger, soy dog, faux deli meats and beef crumbles, and chik nuggets. Admittedly, many of the early attempts were quite unedible. But current offerings demonstrate how persistence pays off, so …

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