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Feb 21

Fenugreek Helps Male Menopause

Lots of press is dedicated to female menopause and its symptoms, but men are often overlooked. After all, men do go through a stage of decline in male hormones and can experience a list of symptoms associated with male menopause (aka andropause), so I thought I’d talk about how new research shows how the herb …

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Dec 06

5 Herbs That May Harm Your Liver

Herbal remedies can be effective, safe, and less expensive alternatives to conventional medicines, depending on what you want to treat. These are just a few of the reasons why more and more people are embracing the use of herbs for common and even not-so-common symptoms and ailments. But just because herbal remedies are natural doesn’t …

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Aug 23

18 Simple Lazy Ways to Look and Feel Fabulous

18 Simple Lazy Ways to Look and Feel Fabulous The road to better sex, a sharper memory, improved digestion, reduced stress, increased vitality, and more doesn’t have to be difficult at all. In fact, 18 Simple Lazy Ways to Look and Feel Fabulous proves it.   This book reveals the secrets of 18 tried-and-true ways …

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Aug 21

How You Sleep Matters

Adults spend 25 to 33 percent—or more—of their life sleeping. That’s a fairly large chunk out of each day, but cutting back on sleep isn’t a great idea since it’s so critical to our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Sleep matters big time: we can’t live without it, and while we sleep the body and …

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Jul 20

Putting Pee To Work

My personal feelings about drinking beer—and I’m not alone on this—is that you rent it. It seems that within minutes of downing a cold frosty brew, I’m off and running for the ladies room. Men can experience the same phenomenon, yet their rental deposit can be made somewhat easier than can a female’s. This scenario …

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