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May 25

Wasting Food is a Crime

My mother always said that wasting food was a crime. I seem to remember her saying something about starving children in Africa. Anyway, whenever there was any food remaining over after a meal, we knew we would see the ingredients in another form within the next day or two. Creative leftover dishes were par for …

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May 17

Go Nuts Over Nut Milk

For everyone who enjoys nondairy beverages such as soymilk and rice milk, let’s not forget nut milk. Even people who have been turned off by these choices may find they go nuts over nut milk. Smooth, hardy, and tasty, these nondairy options are a refreshing alternative. Although a small variety of nut milks have been …

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Apr 27

Meet Your Mushrooms

I have always been a fan of mushrooms, especially portobellos. These “meaty” fungi are fantastic grilled with garlic or stuffed with veggies. As a vegan, I find them to be a delicious and easy menu option, especially when I eat out. Despite my fondness for these big mushrooms, I never knew until a few years …

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Apr 12

Celebrate Dandelions

I can’t help it; every spring I await the arrival of the dandelions (Taraxacum officinale). Perhaps it’s my Italian background. My grandfather would gather the flowers and make dandelion wine while my grandmother would carefully batter the blossoms. Unfortunately, my grandfather never shared the fruits of his labor with me (I was too young at …

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Apr 06

Are You Ready for Plant Waters?

We’re all familiar with the mantra about drinking enough water. But sometimes you want to drink something other than plain water, but you don’t want soda. More like something in between; something refreshing and different–like plant waters. Beverage makers have been working on this challenge, and the results thus far are interesting to say the …

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