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Mar 18

Diabetic Neuropathy Relief From Gene Therapy?

Diabetic neuropathy can be a life-changing condition. If you or a loved one has this common complication of diabetes, which involves damage to the nerves as a result of prolonged high blood glucose levels, you probably know what I mean. In this case I am referring to one of the four types of diabetic neuropathy—peripheral …

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Feb 09

Health Benefits of Beer?

Will drinking beer really do the body good? Although the brew is enjoyed around the world for its flavor and sociability factor, the media frequently reports on the health benefits of beer. Chances are you don’t think about this while you are downing the suds, but they are worth considering. At the very least, the …

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Jan 25

Beets for High Blood Pressure

I don’t have high blood pressure, but if I did, beet juice could very likely be on my menu, along with a few other foods shown to help fight hypertension. Why beets for high blood pressure? A fair number of scientific studies that have evaluated the use of beets (or beetroot, as it is often …

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Dec 22

Alternative Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis

Several years ago I met a young woman who has multiple sclerosis and who impressed me with her dedication to fighting the disease with all things natural. During our conversations, we discussed some of the natural, alternative and complementary approaches available to help individuals live a better life with MS. At the time I had …

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Nov 03

Low Level Laser Therapy for Fibromyalgia

The use of low level laser therapy for fibromyalgia offers a drug-free and noninvasive way to manage the pain and other symptoms associated with this often debilitating disease. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of low level laser therapy for fibromyalgia and other types of chronic and acute pain. If you …

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